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Other Paris

Did you know that 10% of buildings in France are abandoned? All of them are belong to someone, but have been never used for years. Why? The causes may be different: a landlord may have died or went abroad, there may be a jurisdiction process or some other bureaucratic nuances. Meanwhile, tens of thousands are in need for homes and can not afford not only buying a house, but even to rent one. The heroes of this article found a solution that is not in accordance to the law, but they believe it’s in accordance with a law of justice. Meet the term “squatting” - expropriation of living space for the benefit of those who need it most.

“Squatting” means "to take a building without permission"; in the modern sense - “to occupy a territory for the purpose of residence without the consent of its rightful owner”. In a broad meaning, squat - is a captured accommodation. However, it’s always illegal.

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Innsbruck – Capital of the Alps

There are so many things that keep tourists coming back here every year. The food is fantastic, the drinks are well priced, the views are spectacular, and the city itself embodies everything that there is to love about a modern European city – culture and traditional integrated seamlessly with 21st century life. But, above it all, it is the people that make this city, and the surrounding ski resorts, truly unique. There are very few resorts in the world left where the huts are small enough to be run by a small family, and even fewer where the service is quite as friendly – after a few days you’ll start to feel like a local, and you’ll never want to leave.  

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Christmas in New York

There is no place in the world like New York. With its heart full of pulsing energy, the city is always in motion, inspiring those who walk the streets to follow their wildest dreams. You’ll always arrive to find New York crowded and bustling with life, the people streaming hurriedly through the city like drops of water down the Hudson River. It’s this perpetual state of life that makes people fall in love with the city, it’s contagious. You have no hope of remaining indifferent to the Big Apple.

Though the season is of little consequence to this love affair, there’s definitely something special about New York at Christmas. It really is a magical time, the streets are adorned with Christmas trees, crowded with Santas, and the songs of carol singers shimmer in the air – it’s like stepping into your very own Christmas movie. At other times of the year you can explore the city intuitively, just listening to your heart and walking through the streets. But in a busy holiday season, you’re much better off planning your route. 

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