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@ The Barre - Pilates, Barre & Fitness Studio

615 D Richmond Street, London, ON N6A 3G3

FREE PARKING (lot is just off Hyman Street, west off Richmond)

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1900’s. Originally created as a form of rehab, then brought his fitness program to New York City and has been the preferred form of conditioning and prehab for Ballerina’s. This is a fitness program that has stood the test of time, it is not a fad. It is hard to explain just how life changing Pilates can be. As Joseph Pilates once said: “Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play and the way you work.”

What's your story?

I started in Pilates as a client after a car accident. As I recovered from my injuries, my focus changed to losing weight and re-sculpting my body. When the opportunity to become an instructor arose, I jumped on it. In February 2015, we opened @ The Barre - Pilates, Barre & Fitness Studio, and my hobby became my livelihood. The Studio gave me one location to offer my services. Prior to opening I was all over the city on a daily basis. Every class we offer at the Studio is grounded in my Stott Pilates® Certification in Matwork and Reformer. The Barre program I have created has combined the Principles of Pilates, my love for dance and few barre disciplines I’ve experienced over the years including Merrithew’s™ Total Barre™. I am committed to exceeding my CEC requirements to maintain my certification. Below are just a few highlights of my education in addition to the courses and workshops I’ve attended.

  • Principles of Osteopathy (Dr. Jay Sandweiss)
  • Injuries & Special Populations (Merrithew™)
  • Inside-Out B.A.S.E. course
  • Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals
  • Can-Fit Pro World Fitness Expo
  • Fast Track Yoga Instructor Training (Maureen Rae)


Do you do private trainings?

We offer Private and Semi-Private sessions. Every session is grounded in Pilates and tailor made to address your bodies needs that day keeping your over all goals in mind. Our clients range in age from 17 - 67, rehab to pro athletes.

Short description of the business

@ The Barre – Pilates, Barre & Fitness Studio provides everything you need to keep your body moving all under one roof. We know from experience that there is more to being healthy than what you eat and how much you work out. To achieve true health you must also focus on your mental well being. We achieve this through providing our clients with a fun, safe, nurturing and judgement free environment. We want you to leave feeling, nourished, empowered and stronger. We do not promote weight loss or support dieting. Your body will change, most change is seen in how your clothes fit, not on the scale. Your energy and mood improves. You feel stronger, a strength that seems to come from your bones. It is life changing and very addictive. Your body misses the workout when life takes you away from the studio.

The studio has a Registered Dietitian on-site. Jillian Walsh, lead dietitian for change.create.change specializes in eating disorders and has brought a new focus to nutrition, Mindful Eating.

Do you do bootcamps / outdoor group trainings?

We do not do boot camp or have a regularly scheduled outdoor class. However we do from time to time bring our class out into our courtyard.

FitClub Bootcamps

962 Leathorne St. Unit 4, London, ON, N5Z 3J2

App: FitClub Bootcamps (available in the App Store and Google Play)

Fitclub Bootcamps

What's your story?

I started out as a banker with TD for over 8 years and through that journey I found fitness and I fell in love with it. I started bringing my friends to the same gym and then I started teaching my friends. This is how the business started, I wanted to help people change their lives. I have owned the business for almost 4 years and I did not really start doing it full time until late 2016. My mission is to help people change the routines of their habits so that they can sustain a healthy lifestyle that delivers extraordinary results for years to come in all aspects of their life.

Do you do private trainings?

We offer one-on-one personal training sessions in addition to group training. Our certified trainers work with you to create programs to meet your individual health and wellness goals. All sessions are run out of our gym located at 962 Leathorne St.

Inner Circle

The FitClub Inner Circle is an online forum for group fitness coaching and mindset support. You do not need to be a member of our gym to join our Inner Circle. This online coaching program includes:

  • 6-Week Meal Plan Challenge

  • 14-Day Fat Loss Kickstarter

  • Monthly workouts to do at home or at the gym

  • Travel workout program

  • Weekly live mindset coaching calls

  • Personal one-on-one online coaching

  • Full group support 

  • Accountability partner

Reach your health and wellness goals faster with support from our Inner Circle:

* Referral Program*  Earn extra cash!

Step 1: Refer a friend to FitClub Bootcamps

Step 2: Complete our referral form online:

Step 3: Earn extra cash.

$15 Inner Circle · $30 Bootcamp · $50 Personal Training


Short description of the business

We offer bootcamps, personal training, group training and online coaching programs. The moment you walk through our door you feel like you are part of our FitClub community. Our workouts will make you sweat and our members with make you laugh. We are more than just a gym; we are a family.

Register in our FitClub Bootcamps app (available in the App Store and Google Play).

Do you do bootcamps / outdoor group trainings?

We run indoor bootcamps at our gym every day of the week. Every day is different, so you never get bored and your body keeps seeing results. We also have a free run group every Wednesday night at 5:15 pm for any and all levels, members and non-members.

Bootcamp Schedule

  • Monday & Wednesday

Early Bird Blast @ 5:30 a.m. 

Leg Burn @ 5 p.m., 6 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. 
Free Member and Non Member Running Group @ 5:15 p.m. (Wednesday only)

  • Tuesday & Thursday

Early Bird Blast @ 5:30 a.m. 

Mid-Morning Blaster @ 10 a.m.

Cardio & Weight Burn @ 5 & 6 p.m. 

  • Friday

Early Bird Blaster @ 5:30 a.m. 

Bands Workout @ 5 & 6 p.m. 

  • Saturday & Sunday

Weekend Warrior Classes @ 7:45 a.m. & 9 a.m. 

Subscribe on YouTube: FitClub Bootcamps

Elite personal training is for anyone and everyone. We are friendly, caring and supportive and we really want to help you meet your goals. Nothing is more satisfying to us than seeing a client work hard and reach their goals. Fitness and personal care can be a life changing event and we always feel privileged to be a part of that journey. We offer free consultations, fitness/goal assessments and are here to help you in anyway we can.

What's your story?

We’ve been in business for 13 years. With a passion for fitness and personal health our goal is to share that passion with our clients. We work one-on-one with our clients to help them achieve their personal fitness and/or weight loss goals. We have an emphasis on teaching our clients fitness and nutrition strategies for long term success.

Do you do private trainings?

We exclusively do Private one-on-one private training. There is a Cardio equipment room that is free to use as well.

Short description of the business

Elite personal training is all about one-on-one personal training. We have 5 fully equipped PRIVATE gym studios to train our clients in. We are all about giving our clients complete undivided attention to their work out, nutrition and their goals. Everything at Elite is personalized for each client based on their unique needs. We ensure success through accountability and consistent follow ups and goal tracking with your personal fitness coach. We believe Elite is the most accepting and supportive training environment in London.

Do you do bootcamps / outdoor group trainings?


We will do corporate fitness consulting and sit on fitness councils for various companies.

TCA strives to be fully person centred and to create a plan that addresses your total wellness. Wellness should never stop just at your physical health. Fitness should always be for the rest of us.

What's your story?

2010 was a rough year. I was coping with a mental illness called “hypergymnasia” which is characterized by working out way too much. While participating in a “boot camp” class and while doing box jumps I suffered a major back injury resulting in the fracturing of my L5 (the bone at the base of the spine, just before the pelvis). I couldn’t work for months and massive depression set in very quickly. When I tried to re-approach the gym during recovery I found it impossible to access - trainers avoided me, members making comment on my low weights and my level of fitness, my personal inability to participate in my favourite classes all amounted to feeling isolated and eventually I stopped going entirely.

In 2012 I became very serious about two exercises and was managing to participate in both in a very healthy way: aquafit and running. Aquafit was pivotal in my recovery and the community proved to be consistently positive, caring, and communicative. Running gave me an activity I could do by myself, at my own pace, without the worry of criticism or inability to perform at someone else's standards. As I continued to recover and develop, a philosophy began to grow: Fitness shouldn’t be just for people who are already fit. Fitness needs to be for absolutely everyone - no matter your disability, disposition, gender, phobia, etc. Fitness is for the rest of us too.

The Casual Athlete began in 2015 with two clients - Jon and Paige. It all started with an idea that fitness didn’t have to be something that is violent, difficult, or require you to fundamentally change who you are. It was my vision that fitness should be for “the rest of us” too. Fitness should be for people who have been hurt, or disabled; it should be for people who don’t like traditional gym culture or people who have fears and phobias.

At the time Paige was young woman looking to trim some weight off and develop a sense of self confidence around her fitness. Jon was a man who had been in a severe car accident and was coping with quadriplegia. By having the opportunity to address the wellness needs of two people so different, The Casual Athlete became a service that can literally provide fitness for the rest of us. Paige has recently won a weight loss competition through healthy diet and Jon is moving his arms and legs, and has restored control to his core muscles.   

Over time, teams began to develop and events that were drawing an interesting crowd. The spirit of the teams was that anyone can participate, all members are welcome, and that no matter your circumstance everyone has a role.  The Casual Athlete community has grown exponentially and now includes running groups, beach and court volleyball, speaking engagements, charity dodgeball, yoga at the brewery, virtual reality recreation therapy and the list goes on.

Do you do private trainings?

Yes. This is included in the consultation; clients discuss their favourite places to exercise and a plan is created to seek their ideal environment.

Short description of the business

TCA is wellness services that are primary delivered through physical fitness. What’s unique is that it caters to all people ranging from the profoundly disabled to the fortunate gifted. After my back injury I realized that inclusiveness and creativity are key to delivering the business model I envisioned.

What makes my service unique is that it absolutely ignores the militarization of fitness. There is no language like “blasted”, “cut”, or “destroyed” (could you imagine someone telling you they just “blasted” a multi-vitamin?). The service is 100% person centred which means that the client makes the decisions around how many sets of an exercise are completed, the weights, times, distances, etc. The goal being that a person does not just met a narrow scope of goals and make a “lifestyle” change, but rather something much more intrinsic like a “culture” change. As the person participates in the culture change method, exercise is no longer an event you plan sometime in your day to lose weight or grow muscles, but rather becomes something so common in your life that it’s alike to brushing your teeth or eating a meal - you do it because it’s part of who you are and fundamentally important to feel good.

Do you do bootcamps / outdoor group trainings?

I do not do bootcamps on account of my preference away from militarization of fitness. I have found a significant population who finds this type of exercise intimidating, and have met others like myself who have been injured. I am not against bootcamps being facilitated by others though, I just feel very strongly that there needs to be alternatives and an attitude that high energy exercise does not have to be aggressive.  

Outdoor group training is my jam! The Casual Athlete running group has been meeting weekly during the running season since the very beginning of TCA. It’s now operating in Strathroy on Friday evening at 7pm (there is $5 suggested donation). People who have participated have said they really enjoy the camaraderie and no pressure approach toward distance running. The beach volleyball teams are also a bunch of champs! It’s grown so fast we now have two teams playing out at Boler Mountain on Tuesday nights. Players really like the laid back atmosphere and the chance to blow off some steam through sport.

Court volleyball starts in Sept and is on Tuesday nights in London. The virtual reality gaming team has started this summer and is taking names for the team. I am currently working with VRcadia in London on the details of a gaming schedule.

You can train.....  Or... you can train like a BOSS.  You decide.

What's your story?

Our Head BOSS Lady, Michelle Goldrick is a London Ontario based certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, with an additional certification in Pre and Post Natal Specialised Personal Training. Over the years she has helped many women achieve and sustain their fitness and weight loss goals before, during and after pregnancy and into menopause. Michelle trains out of her own home based personal training studio in London, Ontario as well. She also has a large online training client base. Michelle is a wife, entrepreneur, and a mother to a very active 6 year old daughter.

Do you do private trainings?

Yes, in a newly renovated space in Hyde Park area in London, ON

Short description of the business

Most recently being a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in September 2013 with mastectomy in December 2013, she now also understand the unique obstacles to overcome physiologically and emotionally that younger women with early age diagnosis go through. After her journey with cancer, she made it her mission to empower women to feel their very best in the body they have and see the beauty in the strength and perseverance of what it does for us. In doing so she created a few of her many programs that allowed her to facilitate this idea with a 6-week training and coaching system that ends with either a fitness themed or a boudoir photoshoot. That being our Six Weeks to STRONG and Six Weeks to SEXY systems. Michelle also offers 1:1 personal training sessions, online training programs on a global scale, outdoor fitness bootcamps in London.

Starting September 1st, 2018 -> join BOSS Studio Fitness 28 Day Challenge.

What you get:

  • 28 Day Meal Plan with recommended vitamin regime
  • A workout program with 4 Weight Training Days, with new workouts every week and 2 HIIT Days
  • A grocery list
  • Unlimited support from me
  • Online community support from everyone else in the challenge on the Facebook BOSS Studio Fitness 28 Day Challenge Page

This program is open to both men and women of all fitness levels. We want to focus on nutrition and work on fitness that can get you ready for being in your best shape ever!

The BOSS Studio Fitness 28 Day Challenge membership is only $137 with some incredible prize packs up for grabs from Spartan Nutrition London for the most amazing transformation mentally, physically and emotionally for BOTH men AND women valued at $300 each!

September registration starts NOW!


Do you do bootcamps / outdoor group trainings?

Yes! Outdoor Ladies only Bootcamps in Old North in London, ON.

Hutton House 

Kristy Hoornick Fitness and Wellness Facilitator

654 Wonderland Road N London Ontario

Insta: @huttonhousefitness

What's your story?

Anyone with a physical, learning, developmental or mental health disability is welcome to participate in the Hutton House Fitness program. Hutton House provides an accessible, welcoming, and encouraging environment for individuals with disabilities to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Do you do private trainings?

Every year from Jan until April we take in Fitness and Health Promotion Students from Fanshawe College who do free training for our gym clients. The training is one to one or small group.

We do set up each client with a program and modify it as needed based on their goals.


Short description of the business

Fully accessible gym for any adult with a mental and or physical disability. All programs are made to be adaptable for all levels of fitness and abilities.

We work with Special Olympic Athletes as well!

We have also launched a seniors program to meet the demands in this area.

Some of our volunteers do have disabilities themselves and we have set out fundraising efforts to assist in getting them their personal training certification.

We ourselves have our own workshop about fitness and adults with disabilities, teaching trainers, workers how to put together fitness programs.

Do you do bootcamps / outdoor group trainings?

Only indoor, we have launched a learn to run program this summer as well as art therapy in the park with some gentle yoga or stretching at the end.

What upcoming classes, bootcamps, group trainings, programs you would like to tell about?

Gym Memberships   

$15 per month + $35 initiation fee

Includes a Fitness Evaluation, Personalized Exercise Program and Supervised Exercise.

Fitness Classes

$45 per semester (10-12 weeks)

Includes classes such as Circuit & Sports Training, Yoga & Pilates, Dancing & Jazzercise

Nutrition Classes

$45 per semester (10-12 weeks)

Includes classes such as Microwave Chef and Muscle up with a Snack.

We also have the capabilities to offer Yoga for PTSD, seated yoga/pilates as well as restorative aerial yoga.