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Green future or No future

Absolutely everyone of us wants to leave a trace on the Earth. Something for people to remember. That's our way into eternal life, actually. Our way to secure that "I was here". We are trying to find our purpose and be helpful, make a mark, and be remembered. But you know what? We already are. And not in the best way.

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Today is the Bastille Day, which is celebrated largely in France on July 14th each year. Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 was a turning point of the French Revolution. As Bastille was known for holding political prisoners whose writings had displeased the royal government, it was a symbol of the absolutism of the monarchy. However, at the time of the attack in July 1789 there were only seven inmates, none of great political significance.

Although, you may not planning to celebrate, I would love to share with you my favourite a la France recipes, because if try something fancy on a kitchen then why not today, right?

I love cooking yet hate spending much time on the kitchen, so I’m very happy when I find easy and quick recipes. Here are some of them, and all ingredients you can easily find in a local grocery store.

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Mixed veggie and fruit box



Divyansh Ojha was on his last year at Western when he wondered where all this food from cafes and restaurants, grocery stores and farms ends up by the end of the day if not bought or used? And the answer was quite bitter. It is just being thrown out into garbage. Speaking about veggies and fruits in particular, all these months of growing from a seed, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, storing, transporting to grocery stores or restaurants. And then as a final destination - a garbage bin. Doesn’t sound right, does it?

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Paddle The Grand River

A new video by Let's Discover On

We joined Grand River Rafting Company LTD and went 'turbo tubing' for the first time! Don't let the word 'turbo' fool you because there's no turbo engine...LOL...just a paddle. We took our time on the 9km route down the Grand River and paddled when we wanted to or let the current take us we wanted a break. It was that easy. 

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Canada Day Weekend

BBQ, live music, kids activities, Canada Day cake, Cherry Picking season, local wine, baseball, historical games, and much more.

Browse through our variety of hand-picked events and festivals in London and area, Grand Bend, Niagara-On-The-Lake, enjoy the hot weather and drink a lot of water!

Happy Birthday, our beautiful and strong Canada!

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Do you bake? Or maybe you remember those times when your mom or grandma used to bake everything from the scratch: cakes for family birthdays, muffins to add to your school lunches, cookies for the Christmas morning, and, of course, bread? The magic involved making a starter, watching it grow, evolve and spread in all directions. Then the simple ingredients - water, flour, and salt - gave birth to sourdough. It was then being punched, tossed up, folded, and massaged till it formed an elastic and taut ball. The ancestor of a future bread. The beginning of everything. 

That smell, that coziness and anticipation of a hot, brownish loaf with a dry cracked crust! Mmm... I always was eager to try the crust first while it was still scalding hot, and then it was time for the heart and the very essence of bread - its crumb.

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St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica in City Nomads

196 Dufferin Avenue, london, on

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New coffee places in London, ON

April 2018

Local Gift Ideas

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