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I Am London 2018


I Am London 2018

Immigrants with a story to tell

I am London is a city-wide social media campaign brought to you by the London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership and it's Inclusion & Civic Engagement Sub-council. The campaign showcases the diversity of London, Ontario. It celebrates successfully settled immigrants from different countries who have chosen to call London their home. They are proud and engaged members of our community who want to share their inspirational stories with other Londoners. This year (2018) thirteen people have been selected to be the faces of our great city. You can read their full stories here: I Am London featured faces or just click on the photos. We will add more photos throughout December 2018 - February 2019.

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Photos: Anna Orishchenko

“I love to dance. It is my passion and it makes people happy. I want to share that happiness with Londoners”

“One experience can change everything”

“It’s important to find a way to give back to Canada”

Afeez Ajibowu