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Naiko Creations

Contemporary wax print garments and accessories with a dash of Africa.

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Naiko Creations

A Splash of Colour

Winter is coming and bringing along... no colours at all. For the next several months we will be observing fifty and more shades of grey, white, black... Unless, you add a splash of colour in your life. Such as clothing and purses made with love by Naiko Creations. 

I met Koziba, the owner of Naiko Creations, at her home where she operates her small but bright clothing business. The living room was stuffed with textiles, almost finished dresses and ponchos, clutches and purses. And in the middle of everything - a sewing machine which helps Koziba to create those colorful garments and accessories. Born and raised in Botswana, Koziba then studied and lived in UK, travelled Europe and Asia. So, her clothing collection reflects it all - southern African patterns and colours, and European chic. If you need to dress to impress - dresses by Naiko Creations is your choice. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of textile, rich undertones, and tailoring style. Koziba takes custom orders, so your dress will be genuinely created to fit you and only you. Add a stylish clutch and a warm yet elegant poncho to it, and you will shine on any special occasion event. 

Naiko Creations is collaborating with online African Marketplaces, and their brand will soon be available on Afrigora. You can also shop online on their Etsy shop Koziba aims to build a well-recognized brand that will make you feel good when you wear it. Naiko Creations is all about adding a dash of African Inspired style to your everyday outfits. Their contemporary and colourful garments and accessories are handmade with specially picked wax print, often sourced overseas. Simple yet bold, plain yet stylish is how Koziba describes Naiko products. "Just Afrik your outfit with Naiko" is the tagline.

Accessories range between $20 - $65, while garments range from $35 to $150. 

Kimono Top $55.jpg

Kimono top $55

Poncho $65.jpg

Poncho $65

Clutch Bag $35.jpg

Clutch Bag $35

Top $45 Gathered Skirt $65.jpg

Top $45

Gathered Skirt $65

Skirts $60.jpg

skirts $60

Contact Naiko Creations by phone (226-973-8079) or via Instagram and Facebook page to buy or create your outfit.

Oh, and I asked Koziba what “Naiko” means. She told me North of Botswana they have a minority tribe called the Kalanga Tribe, and their language is called iKalanga. Naiko is an expression of marvel meaning "Wow!" in the ikalanga language which is Koziba’s mother tongue. 

That “wow” reaction is what you can surely expect when wearing Naiko Creations. 

Text: Anna Orishchenko

Photos: Anna Orishchenko, Tran Toan Tri  (@johnie.tri)

Models: Koziba Nyali kutjwe and Susan Adeh (@sexydoon