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Nostalgia Cafe

Nostalgia Cafe offers traditional Iranian tea blends and desserts such as Faloodeh Shirazi, Bastani Sonati, Makhloot, Bastani Nooni, and also a variety of meals.


Nostalgia cafe

Who doesn’t love desserts? Then how about some traditional cuisine? This time we discovered a true gem — meet Polina Shadman and her Nostalgia Cafe. Polina specializes in traditional Iranian desserts. It’s not only her hobby and true love, it’s her cultural identity. And as Polina immigrated long time ago and haven’t visited Iran ever since, her love and nostalgia to the treats and sweets of her childhood led to this business venture. 

Naomi Duguid’s Taste Of Persia tells us that Iranians eat variety of sweets often as a break in the day with tea or coffee, rather than a dessert at the end of a meal.

We can confirm as when we visited Polina’s home she welcomed us with a real brewed Turkish coffee, a homemade fruit tea, lemonade and a full tray of delicious sweets! 


Polina uses only finest ingredients and prepares her treats according to ancient Iranian recipes — with saffron, rosewater, pistachio, and honey. 

While you are already thinking about trying some as soon as you can, let us name them for you:

  • Faloodeh Shirazi. A frozen granita with a subtle sweet taste of rosewater and strings of frozen rice vermicelli 

  • Bastani Sonati. Saffron infused taffy like ice cream jeweled with pistachio and chunks of frozen cream

  • Makhloot. Perfect marriage of faloodeh and bastani makes this delightful dessert to satisfy senses. 

  • Bastani Nooni. Persian ice cream sandwich 

Portions vary in size and come in Small, Medium, and Large, and cost $4-$10. 

Polina also offers Turkish Coffee, Traditional Chai with spices and frothed hot milk, and Persian tea blend. 

If you want to really go down the tasting road, try meal selections. Nostalgia Cafe offers Lobia Polo (saffron green beans mixed with basmati rice), Cold Yoghurt Soup (a special nostalgic delight either as a meal, snack, or appetizer), Aash Reshteh (blends of organic herbs and legume stew, topped with sautéed garlic and onion), and many other meals which sound sophisticated and taste incredibly good. 

Nostalgia Cafe makes treats and meals in batches, so you can preorder it. Or buy in person at Taj Bakery while supplies last (1464 Adelaide St N, London, ON).

Nostalgia Cafe takes orders via or call at (519) 614-0273. The website is going to be launched soon!

Follow Nostalgia Cafe on Facebook and Instagram, and try it yourself — it’s like to make a little gastronomic journey to Iran. 

Text & photos: Anna Orishchenko