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St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica (196 Dufferin Avenue)

We continue our journey through out the city of London capturing buildings that form architectural heritage. This time we decided to appreciate enormous and magnificent St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica (196 Dufferin Avenue).

With a help of Jessie B Gussack Photography (exterior photos), Charlotte Hathaway (interior photos), and sketches made by Geraldo Duarte, an international student of Fanshawe College, we can feast our eyes on this stunning architecture. St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica was established on August 10th 1834 when it was first constructed of logs. The church was dedicated to St. Lawrence which then was holding 180 people.

Tragedy hit 11 April 1845 when it was destroyed in the London fire. A large frame church was built there after with donated labour and materials, but also burned in August 1850. In 1856, the Diocese of London was created were Bishop Pierre-Adolphe Pinsoneault selected St. Lawrence as his cathedral, renaming the church after St. Peters. It is believed that at one point the seat was moved to Windsor in 1868, but was moved back to London by Bishop John Walsh. Joseph Connolly, an architect, was selected by Bishop Walsh to built the church, and construction began as early as in July of 1880 when it first structure was built in a 13th century French Gothic Revival Style. Mr Connolly also built St Mary's Roman Catholic Church (Bathurst St at Adelaide St W) in Toronto. The Cathedral of St. Peter was dedicated in June 1885 and the church first stained glass windows were added in 1889 even before the interior decoration was completed.

Prepared by Joan Sam