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The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery

A local bakery that mills their own flour and bake a real sourdough whole grain bread in London, ON.


The bread. As it supposed to be

Do you bake? Or maybe you remember those times when your mom or grandma used to bake everything from the scratch: cakes for family birthdays, muffins to add to your school lunches, cookies for the Christmas morning, and, of course, bread? The magic involved making a starter, watching it grow, evolve and spread in all directions. Then the simple ingredients - water, flour, and salt - gave birth to sourdough. It was then being punched, tossed up, folded, and massaged till it formed an elastic and taut ball. The ancestor of a future bread. The beginning of everything. 

That smell, that coziness and anticipation of a hot, brownish loaf with a dry cracked crust! Mmm... I always was eager to try the crust first while it was still scalding hot, and then it was time for the heart and the very essence of bread - its crumb. 

That was a happy and carefree time, wasn't it? The time we are all nostalgic about, although we cannot return it back. 

But wait... Forget the previous sentence! I recently discovered a bakery here, in London, that actually may turn back time. At least in a gastronomical sense. 

The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery recreates that magic, baking bread from the scratch. All-natural, organic and whole grain bread of different recipes is waiting for you to try it. They even mill their own flour because it maximizes the nutrition value of the complete grain, including the bran (the outer layer)! It allows to keep all that fiber, vitamins and minerals intact. The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery makes focus on it particularly as they do not use all-purpose white flour, but only their own flour freshly milled for every batch. So, if you want to try the real bread, filled with important insoluble fiber and minerals, a combination essential for proper digestion and nourishment, The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery is your go-to destination. 

Apart from the whole grain their bread is also made from sourdough. Long story short, it is dough with natural wild yeast (not commercial yeast!) and lactobacillus which make bread easier to digest. Say "yay" to enzymes and your happy stomach!

In my first visit to The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery I bought three different loaves to try: a rye loaf, a sesame loaf, and a cinnamon-raisin-maple syrup loaf. I brought it home, and although I had planned to save that bread for a dinner, I couldn't resist. Just one pinch of that crust... and fifteen minutes later I found myself sitting on a deck with half of the loaf eaten, ha! You just simply cannot stop to eat it. It is so fresh, so tasty, so vivid! It shook me to the core and I remembered those times when we used to buy bread not in grocery stores but in bakeries. The real bread. As it used to be. 


So, what are you waiting for? Check them online or visit the bakery on Fridays [11:00AM - 6:00PM] or Saturdays [10:00AM - 4:00PM]  at 958 Leathorne Street, Unit 3. Don't have time to a trip to the south end of the city? The Whole Grain Hearth Bakery bread can be also found at The Pristine Olive Tasting Bar (884 Adelaide Street N) and at Lyn-Dys Organic Health Food Store on Fridays and Saturdays. 

I'm writing it and at the same time mouth-watering images are popping up in my mind: you can serve it with soft cheese and fresh radishes, with smoked salmon and lemon slices, with salted butter and jam, with blue cheese and honey, with bruschetta or cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and fresh basil... Oh, man, the possibilities are endless here. Good thing I still have a loaf and a half on my kitchen!

Text and photos: Anna Orishchenko