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Zero Waste Forest City


Green future or No future

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Absolutely everyone of us wants to leave a trace on the Earth. Something for people to remember. That's our way into eternal life, actually. Our way to secure that "I was here". We are trying to find our purpose and be helpful, make a mark, and be remembered. But you know what? We already are. And not in the best way. The humanity has already left behind a huge pile not great deeds but garbage mountains. Plastic particles, glitter (people, just stop buying it, seriously), PET, etc., etc. And I'm not even talking about air pollution (that deserves a separate topic).

So, every time when you use plastic bags at a grocery store, or buy a drink with a plastic straw, or a bottle of water, or a plastic toy your kid begging you to buy - every time you contribute into pollution problem. Sorry, don't want to ruin your day here, but that's true. 

Because it is so easy to buy these things and then throw them out. If a kid breaks some toy - it is so easy to buy a new one. Right? I know, I've been there. But just imagine these tons and tons of plastic being thrown away every single day! Where does it go? Into recycling? Sometimes, yes. But mostly it ends up in our oceans. Recently, a group of volunteers in Dominican Republic pulled out 30 tons of plastic and debris floating in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Santo Domingo. But there are more still floating around. 

Even if not all of us can fly to the nearest ocean to help clean up the mess, absolutely every one of us can help here, just where we live daily. Just stand up in the middle of your kitchen and look around. See all these plastic tools, bags, things? Use them wisely! Recycle when it's possible. Reuse absolutely every thing. And stop buying more plastic. Switch to paper bags, textile totes, twine, metal forks and spoons, glass jars whenever it's possible. Thinking this may be a trouble? Well, Zero Waste Forest City is here to help you with this transition. They recently opened a new community space at 211 Kings St - it's called Reimagine Co. You will find all useful resources here and what's more important - a supportive citizens just like you who are concerned and willing to make a change. Reimagine Co will host public events, documentaries screenings, zero waste workshops and seminars. They also have an eco sustainable shop on site where you can buy natural and reusable hygiene products and tools - bamboo toothbrushes, hygienic pads, textile tissues, metal straws and dishes, and much more. I just bought there a natural shampoo and a conditioner into my very own glass jars. Just pour as much as you need and pay per weight. When it's time to refill - don't forget to bring your jars with you or buy some at the shop. My next purchase will be a shampoo bar, because it worries me that every time when I buy a shampoo I also buy a plastic bottle with it... Using a shampoo bar makes everything much more easier and leaves no plastic bottle behind. Start with small steps, it is that simple. Changing your way of life doesn't require much of an effort but it brings more joy and helps to make our planet better. I spoke with Jordan Hawkswell, the person who stands behind Zero Waste Forest City. She also started with just a metal water bottle one day instead of a plastic one, and now she can proudly say that she makes a difference. When traveling through Canada and working in Arctic she realized how beautiful our country and our planet are, and it is so important to keep it that way. It's time for us all to stop taking more and more, and start giving back instead. Make your mark by cleaning our planet. Future generations will thank you for it!

Grand opening of Reimagine Co is scheduled on July 28th, 2018. The day will be filled with creation, connection, community building and fun! Regular hours will be Thursday & Friday: 1 PM - 7 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Check them online at FB and Instagram, visit their website - Ask your questions, join their workshops, bring your kids to teach them a sustainable way of living. Go ahead! You can do it!

Text & photos: Anna Orishchenko